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Smile correction to let your smile truly shine

When you meet a person, what will you observe first in their face - the nose, the eyes or the smile? Unquestionably, it's the smile which sets the tone for any rapport and it's the definitive disarming weapon. When someone is uncomfortable with their smile, whether it’s due to missing, damaged, discoloured teeth or whatever, it can affect every part of their life. Delivering your best smile isn’t always easy. Between coffee or wine stains, that predictable natural yellowing that happens; it’s hard to keep your teeth camera ready.  Luckily, the latest developments in cosmetic dentistry allow us to "design" the perfect smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry is fast becoming one of the most popular and advanced forms of dentistry available now.  And, smile correction or makeover is a dental procedure of improving the appearance of the smile through one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures. The main objective of a smile makeover is to improve your smile by taking into consideration your skin tone, facial appearance, teeth, gum tissue and lips to develop your ideal smile. Smile makeovers are customized according to your unique considerations and your cosmetic dentist will discuss with you about your personal concerns of your smile and the dentistry goals.

Usually, the question that will be posed is “what is that you don’t like about your smile?” Discussing these aspects with your cosmetic dentist will give you a clear idea of what they can do to improve your smile. 

Few important factors to be considered before performing a smile make-over:

Each smile makeover is unique in its scope which can vary significantly from patient to patient.  The number and type of treatments you need to for your preferred smile will affect the final cost of your makeover. When considering “smile makeover” options, it’s easy to focus mainly on the teeth and gums. Keep in mind, you should also consider the bigger picture of how your upper and lower teeth come together to form your bite. That’s why other specialities like orthodontics should be a considered in your smile makeover plan. In comprehensive makeovers, cosmetic dentists will work with orthodontists, a team of other dentists and specialists, including periodontists (specializing in the bones, gums and other supporting structures of the teeth) and oral surgeons. Other procedures that improve the smile are lip enhancement, fine line removal, smile broadening etc.

Cavities /Chips/cracks/rough spots:  There are several different types of fillings for this, but two of the most common are Amalgam fillings which are made from a metallic mixture and  very durable as well as relatively inexpensive. Whereas Composite fillings are made of acrylic resin and tiny, finely ground glass-like particles. Combined, these materials create a tooth-colored filling. These are safe, reliable, that would be perfectly matched the shade of your tooth and thereby provide a very natural smile!

Crooked teeth correction:  If your smile is full of overlapped, overcrowded, and crooked teeth, it’s a good idea to straighten your teeth with Invisalign before porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are one of the best ways to eliminate crooked teeth and upgrade your smile.

Uneven teeth: Your dentist can reshape the tooth so that it looks a better match with a procedure called recontouring. Those who’re seeking a solution that is slightly less invasive than veneers, Lumineers offer the same celeb-like results without intensive prep time.

Broken or chipped teeth: Dental crowns are often a better solution for transforming appearance and functionality of teeth that are chipped, cracked, and broken. There is additional stability with the crowns as it surrounds the entire tooth.

Missing teeth: Missing teeth can be replaced by dental implants, bridges or partial dentures.  Dental Implants are often recommended solution because they look and feel like your natural teeth with exceptional durability.

Alignment and Spacing: Porcelain veneers can quickly close gaps between the teeth (When used as instant orthodontics). Porcelain crowns also fit completely over the teeth to transform their size and shape the teeth and close gaps. Small gaps are treated by applying composite material between the teeth. Large tooth gaps (diastema) are closed by traditional methods (like Orthodontic Clips and braces) and latest methods such as Composite Diastema closure which may lost for 1-2 years or with ceramic veneer laminates which last longer and are more lusturous.

Discoloured Teeth: There are two types of teeth staining as described below.

Intrinsic (internal) factors: Intrinsic factors make changes in the structure of tooth material itself, causing it to lose its pearly translucency.

Extrinsic (outside) factors: The extrinsic causes are mainly smoking, foods and beverages. Besides, genetic and environmental factors can also play a part in tooth discoloration.

Teeth whitening help to lift the colour of the teeth through bleaching them. You'll probably need to take a different approach when your teeth are intrinsically stained. Dental veneers come in handy as it can cover up the front portion of the tooth completely. Composite white fillings can be used and root treated teeth that have darkened can be covered up with dental crowns or it may be possible to bleach the tooth internally.

Gummy smile correction: This is one of the popular cosmetic procedures. A gummy smile occurs when gums appear predominant when the patient smiles. Patients with less or moderate gum problems can be treated by lifting the gums and using dental veneers. This “gum-lift” (similar to a face-lift) sculpts the gums to a natural height, allowing veneers to be affixed to the teeth for a great, new smile. Treatment for Patients with severe gum disproportion includes the physical breaking and repositioning of the upper jaw. This may need a longer healing time of up to two months and the jaw will be wired shut.

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